Named one of the best books of the summer by the Financial TimesGQ, Apple Books, and Lit Hub. Soon to be translated into eight languages.

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"Fascinating . . . full of insight and the observational flare of excellent magazine writing . . . This entertaining guide to the art of getting things done gets it done with style."
                                         —Publishers Weekly

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"Mr. Cox has a wry touch… and a good eye for detail.”                                            —The Wall Street Journal

"Cox is a seasoned dispenser of constraints and expectations, and, in turn, a coaxer and a cajoler of those who must meet them . . . He wants to demystify deadlines in order to defang them, to assure us that if we just tilt our heads we can see our demons as our friends."
                                       —The New Yorker

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"Cox intertwines behavioural science, psychological theory and academic studies, with compelling storytelling and descriptive case studies."
                                       —The Financial Times

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